città di noè

Castelnuovo covered market „Città di Noè“
Regional products, sustainable products, bio-slowfood

The indoor market “Città di Noè” aims to generate an alternative awareness abour eating and shopping within regional reach:
– Respecting humans, animals and environment
– Supporting regional and seasonal purchases
– Encouraging small-scale food and craft-trades focused on local-values
– Proposing organic products for trade and consumption
Regional products include the three Italian bordering regions of Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia


The covered market should represent a launch-plattform for projects dealing with healthy-eating culture, conscious agriculture favouring biodiversity and acting in respect of the natural environment. A pilot-example for urban food-supply fuelling the social debate, aming for sustainable and fair food-trade at global level. It should give the chance to regional traders, producers and local owners to directly reach the public. It should establish a transformation process towards ecological farming, promote food excellence from regional resources and finally increase job-opportunities.

Open-air, weekly farmer markets will take place under the pergola.
A covered, all year-round market will display a seasonal product-variety, a brewery and gastronomy islands. The upper floor will host a wine shop and gastronomy areas for events and food consumption. Citizen debates from regional associations in favour of regional, ecological and socially sustainable food will take place here. On basement level will be located warehouses, technical rooms, a brewery storage, sanitary and checkrooms. Mobile stands for events and concert areas will be outdoor, grouped in green islands.


The sustainable architectural concept consists of a load-bearing wooden skeleton, wooden walls and slats, various glazed surfaces.

Energetic sustainability and self-sufficiency will reliy on photovoltaic energy-supply. Photovoltaic panels mounted above the parking lots will act as additional shadow providers and cover part of the market roof. Shed roof openings facing north will provide for natural light and ventilation while photovoltaic panels will face south.

Eco Castelnuovo s.r.l.
Castelnuovo del Garda, VR, Italien
Johann Obermoser, Daniel Wenter, Clemens Steininger, Monica Sferch
Harald Brutscher